Why stake BeatzCoin?

NOTICE: Nothing contained in this article should be taken as financial advice, as we are simply discussing the recent price action of BTZC, as well as the projected developments. The project roadmap and future developments are always subject to change.

BeatzCoin (BTZC)
3 min readMar 20, 2021

What an exciting week for BTZC! We’ve seen volumes and price movements that have not been seen since November of 2019! According to CoinGecko, BTZC has seen a 7-day high of $0.00512690, having performed over 1200% in the past 30 days. Today’s volume is over $100,000, and seems to have went up 10x from where it has been in recent months. This is completely natural, and the project has not influenced price or volume. We did see a 7-day low of $0.00246215, which seems to be a healthy correction, considering the sudden momentum.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” -Bruce Lee

The VibraVid project has adapted to the ever-changing environment of the crypto space by altering the roadmap in orders of current trends, and priorities. As we continue to grow and expand, we will continue to move in directions that best suit the project long term.

Tiered System for Rewards Sharing

VibraVid dApp:
⁃ Connect your preferred wallet to your profile.
⁃ Receive rewards from different VibraVid reward streams for staking your BTZC.

What rewards will VibraVid earn?
⁃ NFT minting fees
⁃ NFT sale transaction fees
⁃ Bounty Fees
⁃ Advertising
⁃ Paid content fees

VibraVid will take the net rewards from fees and a percentage will be placed into a rewards pool:
⁃ The rewards will then be distributed to the VibraVid profile where users can transfer in to their respective wallets.

⁃ This endeavor will be centralized in nature, and attached to the user’s profile. Rewards will eventually be derived from various blockchains, thereby calling for a centralized wallet for rewards distributions. Users will be able to view their rewards in their profile and be able to request a withdrawal to the corresponding blockchain wallet address. (See BetFury as an example)

Tiered Rewards System
⁃ Gold: 2.5 Million + BTZC = 50% of rewards pool
⁃ Silver: 1 Million + BTZC = 25% of rewards pool
⁃ Bronze: 500K + BTZC = 15% of rewards pool
⁃ VV+: 100K + BTZC = 10% of rewards pool

Categories and names are subject to change.

We’d like to note that BTZC staking will be launched on Monday, March 22. A lot of global coordination is at hand, so an exact time cannot be issued but we will announce when the new release is pushed via all of our social media channels. If you haven’t subscribed already, here are the official BTZC Twitter and Telegram News handles. (< click “Twitter” or “Telegram News”)

In closing, we’d like to note that we had a great meeting with the Tron Foundation this week, as well as Icon Network P-Rep, IconPlus. Unfortunately, due to mutual non-disclosure agreements, we cannot share any specific details at this time.

We look forward to sharing more news very soon!