What to Look Forward to in the coming VibraVid Update

As mentioned in our previous “Weekly Update,” our developers are currently working on a 4-Sprint block of developments. The 1st sprint has already been pushed to production, and Sprint 2 was technically completed, however, the search mechanism was not up to expectations, so some time has been allocated to create a more robust searching mechanism.

Sprint 2 focuses on some much-needed enhancements, as well as admin features. Like most developments, not everything is seen by the average user. Many things must be done on the back-end, as well as within the admin interface for VibraVid. We appreciate your patience and understanding here.

We’ve added hashtags to the upload interface, and have built the relevant API’s that will enhance VibraVid’s searching mechanism. Users will now be able to enter keywords, which will help users find their content.

Next, the homepage for VibraVid has gotten some attention! We’ve modified the overall layout, and your viewing experience will highlight: Trending, Most-Viewed, Most-Listened, Suggested, and Recently Played categories. Aside from enhancing the search process, we’ve gotten the search bar working again (it was inoperable for some time).

VibraVid has seen an uptick in illegal uploads. Although we stand as an advocate of “free speech,” we cannot allow or endorse illegal uploading of content. When uploading, users must agree to certain terms and conditions but this does not necessarily prevent someone from uploading illegal or copy-written material. We also have a report button in place (later to be incentivized), which requires constant monitoring. We’ve accelerated this process to allow for instant removal of content that is in violation of VibraVid’s policies.

That about covers Sprint 2. Stay tuned to this Medium account, as we will be revealing what is in store for Sprints 3 and 4. Please note that we will not be releasing Sprints 2–4 per our regular schedule, we will be releasing the entire block of sprints at once in approximately 6 weeks.


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