VibraVid’s BeatzCoin to Release Weekly Updates

It has been a long journey, as the BeatzCoin project is nearing its 3rd year anniversary, having began in December of 2017. VibraVid, the music and video sharing platform, is a bit younger but will reach its 1 year anniversary on September 29. We thank those of you who continue to lend your support.

There have been many shake-ups within the project, including team transitions, financial woes, and even a complete revamp of the original whitepaper and overall direction of the project. That being said, VibraVid and BeatzCoin are taking on a new journey…full speed ahead!

If you haven’t already, please have a look at our new and concise WP and RoadMap.

The past few months brought many tech related challenges, as developers came and went. Since last month, however, the original dev team is once again working on the project, with a specific set of tasks to accomplish. A set of 4 “Sprints” were tasked to the team, with the primary focus of making VibraVid more user-friendly, while enhancing some of the features of the platform. Sprints 1 and 2 are complete, with Sprint 1 having already been pushed into production.

A core-team decision was made to not release Sprint 2 into production just yet. We will be releasing Sprints 2–4 into production all at once! We estimate that this should take place somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks from now, as we have added a few items of importance to the list. Typically, a “Sprint” is developed and completed in 2 weeks.

The main source for project and token related information,, has also been given an overhaul. If you haven’t been paying close attention, you will notice many new and exciting changes!

This past week has went very well. We have came up with an advanced search model that is sure to stand up to our competitors in the space. With incoming elements such as auto-sharing to YouTube, SoundCloud, and more, VibraVid aims to be a one-stop shop for all of your music and video needs!

Stay tuned for next week’s project update, right here via Medium! In the meantime, if you haven’t already, register your account at today! We thank you for your support!

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