VibraVid Reaches Out to Seattle Area Artists.

On the 29th of June, nearly 100 artists and blockchain enthusiasts from the Seattle, Washington area gathered for a BeatzCoin sponsored listening party for This’l, a St. Louis raised rapper. His 2014 album Fallen King reached 115 on the Billboard Top 200 rankings shortly after its release and his newest album did not disappoint.

This spectacular opportunity came immediately following the Seattle DevCon block chain conference where members of the team mingled with some of the best and brightest blockchain creative minds in the North-West United States. The team worked diligently to entice the Ethereum biased crowd in attendance by offering live demos of and showing first hand the benefits of the Tron network.

The listening party gave the team the opportunity to blend the music and blockchain communities together while holding demonstrations of the newly launched beta version of the VibraVid Platform. In all, approximately 14,000 BeatzCoin were given to new Tron wallet holders, many of which are completely new to cryptocurrency.

The team plans on hosting many more of these events over the course of the year. If you know an artist that may be interested, point them in our direction. The team takes a lot of pride in helping not only established artists, but those who are struggling as well.

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