VibraVid Premiere at Street Mode Festival in Greece with more than 50,000 people attending!

Written by: Tasos Oureilidis, CBDO of VibraVid Inc.

VibraVid CBDO Tasos meets with a local artist, going in depth around BeatzCoin & VibraVid.

Street Mode Festival is the largest art & music festival in Thessaloniki and among the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula, Located in central Macedonia, northern Greece, Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in the country. Around 50,000 people attended the 3-day + 1 night festival at “Street Mode” this year and literally hundreds of them passed by our BeatzCoin booth, regarding premiere and launch!

BeatzCoin’s booth were exposed to around 50,000 people that attended Street Mode Festival in Greece. (source:

“What is BeatzCoin? Sounds like Bitcoin!” were among the first reactions of the vast majority of people who were witnessing our booth. Over 12,000 VibraVid & BeatzCoin flyers were distributed at the event, aimed at familiarizing our primary audience, artists that is, with the crypto ecosystem. Random questions were popping up, stimulating further the warm interest by those who were snatching our concept almost immediately.

Who could imagine? 1 year and a half after VibraVid Inc. got established in Canada, I was representing a movement, an idea to all those dreamers who were standing in line or gathering around us in order to listen to vital details about how they could take advantage of our revolutionary case study and enforce democracy on the streaming content industry.

The Euruka moment! Tasos onboards the first local artist from the festival on VibraVid, Costas Iosifidis, bassist of the Jazz/Funk band — Nothing ’n’ Everything

Every single artist and fan who approached us were literally laughing and thought there was some kind of catch when the mini presentation was over. The disbelief was real, mostly regarding our platform’s high returns for content creators, while also introducing the benefits to users who will be watching them.

We at VibraVid are bringing the future that is already in front of our eyes, we just lack the paradigm shift to fully contemplate it! In simple words, credit cards were invented around half a century ago, and there are still countries which use cash over 70% on a daily basis, mainly due to the fact that they resist the new products that technology can provide us.

Musicians, painters, alternative hairdressers, actors and literally anyone you can imagine was there during those three days. What was even more exciting is the fact that I could sense the spark in their eyes after listening to us and leaving with a flyer in their hands. At that moment, I knew that many of those people, slowly but surely will eventually join our platform.

Presenting in our booth after the verbal introduction had been made.

In addition, that led me on another interesting conclusion. BeatzCoin is not a typical cryptocurrency. It never was from the beginning, but I could see the practical meaning behind those words. In simple words, no one and I mean not even a single person asked me about how much does one coin cost! Or even better, ‘what is the average market forecast for the next 6–9 months?’

They were all too fascinated by the concept of our product, by our passion and vision, that there was not much space left for price speculation, not even on a hypothetical level.

Cryptocurrencies are like knifes. You can either cut your arm, or cut something from the tree and eat it. Seems like people tend to get greedy over time and unfortunately forget their origins or initial motives. At “Street Mode”, I rediscovered the purpose of BeatzCoin once again. The purpose of an industry disruptor!

To go all the way and push forward with VibraVid as a project and philosophy despite running into hindrance along the way — after all, we have successfully implemented our roadmap for over 18 months now and we are sustainable enough to continue until the world of music gets enlightened by our message — transforming the way we interact with digital content.

Last but not least, we should not forget about the solitude that surrounds this industry disruptor. Patience is the golden rule and persistence the vital virtue to overcome hardships in implementing a project like VibraVid. BeatzCoin has almost completed its crowdfunded circle and now operates as a utility digital currency within our newly launched decentralized streaming platform.

Our user base has grown exponentially thus far and exceed 2,000 in only two weeks since launch. Our primary goal remains to enrich the platform with talented artists, who wish to contribute directly to their audiences, who understand that VibraVid is literally one of their last hopes to survive among the centralized streaming giants Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.

Margarita Ermeidou, solo singer of the local band “Without Limits”, exploring VibraVid’s depth via Tasos Oureilidis.

In conclusion, there is no more sacred thing than to meet the expectations of every single artist and person I’ve met at Street Mode. There was only one simple promise each time and it was more or less like that: “Next time we meet, I hope you have made your first real revenue from your music on our platform”.

BeatzCoin and VibraVid is not just a cryptocurrency or a blockchain project anymore. We are something beyond it. We will go viral — it is inevitable. Be the change you want to see in the world, even if it starts with changing streaming platforms for online entertainment.

Tasos Oureilidis

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) of VibraVid Inc.


LinkedIn: Tasos Oureilidis

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