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New features on VibraVid include User Profiles, Follow Option, Shareable Links to Social Media, Dark Mode and the ability for guests to Explore Without Login, giving users and creators a whole new array of options to enjoy and upload music and video content.

VibraVid’s music & video sharing platform by BeatzCoin is built on the TRON blockchain & uses BitTorrent File System (BTFS) as decentralized file storage.

The music and audio platform, based on the TRON blockchain network and powered by the BeatzCoin (BTZC) token, is proud to announce a successful major update to its content sharing platform. All the new features added to VibraVid are a direct result of the widespread and passionate feedback by the global BeatzCoin community, which now consists of over 4,600 VibraVid users and 20,000 BTZC holders worldwide.

Although the BeatzCoin team has only launched the VibraVid Minimal Viable Product (MVP) at this point, VibraVid has more than 2,000 audio and video files uploaded to its decentralized file storage using the distributed BitTorrent’s BTFS network. VibraVid as a platform has recorded more than 140,000 blockchain transactions on TRON since launch, while the BTZC token has garnered over 1.5 million total transactions. BTZC is a top traded token on the TRON-based DEXs TronTrade and PoloniDEX, and widely used inside TronWallet’s new built-in direct SWAP feature.

Given that the BTZC token is built on the 3rd generation TRON blockchain, which is capable of 2,000 TPS and a delivery speed of transaction of just 3 seconds, these transactions are not only free, but also near instant. No need to wait to be paid as a content creator anymore. And no middlemen, instead creators keep 95% of their revenue.

BeatzCoin has over the past months expanded our developers team under the leadership of a new US-based Director of Technology. The devs have successfully deployed the following new features expanded upon below, all aimed at simplifying the user experience and giving a wider array of options on the platform for creators and users alike.

VibraVid is also in advanced partnership negotiations with a major music application to integrate BTZC as a reward token to their users. Additionally, the BeatzCoin developers team commenced work on a Mobile VibraVid App this week.

User Profiles

One of the main requests from the community during the testing phase of VibraVid’s MVP was to implement User Profiles, enabling creators to present their Music, Videos and Bios in one place for all fans to see and enjoy. With this new update, each user can now create their own User Profile and showcase their Albums, Music, Video and Bio in a simple and easily accessible fashion. User can also see which of their favorite creators’ music tracks and videos have gotten the most views on VibraVid. An example of a user profile is our CEO Steven Zambron’s below.

VibraVid’s new User Profiles allows all users and creators to create their own bio and content library.

Follow Option

Along with User Profiles, we have also implemented a Follow Button, so fans can keep track of their favorite artists and creator. Notifications to followers will follow after the developers have tested the stability of the base framework.

Shareable Links

You can now share embedded video links from VibraVid on social media, via email or text, and anyone can play it, without having to login. This is an important step for VibraVid to attracting new users as well as new content creators.

The developers are currently implementing to have these shareable links be accompanied by a thumbnail of the music track or video being shared.

Explore Without Login

Guests can now see and play Free as well as Bounty content on VibraVid with the new “Explore” option, with no need for registration.

This means that anyone can start watching and exploring VibraVid without the need to sign up initially. This feature is aimed at attracting tens of thousands of new users and removing the threshold of having to directly register to VibraVid to be able to enjoyn the platform’s content.

Dark mode

VibraVid’s new Dark Mode

To increase the options of our users, we have implemented Dark Mode and Day Mode following community feedback. Future updates will also include different shading of the Dark Mode, so as to further increase the alternatives available for our users.

BeatzCoin founder and VibraVid CEO Steven Zambron stated in regards to the update:

We at BeatzCoin are very excited to offer a more stable and user-friendly experience on our platform, VibraVid. I invite all of you to take a look, give it a try, and invite your friends and family. Enjoying great content on a decentralized network and earning cryptocurrency has never been easier, faster and more exciting.

Additional Enhancements in this Update

- UI/UX improvements
- Optimized registration
- ”Trending” is now well defined
- Improved notifications
- Video description has improved formatting allowing for interactive texts with URLs supported
- Search filter for Free, Bounty and Premium content
- Improvements and added options related to Upload

Upcoming features in next Update

- Better Upload UI/UX
- A full site UI and design revamp
- A better relationship between followers and content creators such as Notifications, Homepage video suggestions, etc.
- Tronwalletme/Tronlink login
- A more interactive comment section where users can respond to one another with Like and Reply features

Mobile App

BeatzCoin’s developers team has commenced development of a Mobile App for VibraVid for both iOS and Android. VibraVid is also working together with the Tron Foundation to integrate the future Mobile App on all Samsung devices, which today numbers above 2 billion.

Advertising on VibraVid

Given our expanded BeatzCoin developers team, VibraVid will be implementing new updates on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in order to optimize the platform and make it become one of the main contenders to threaten YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud’s near hegemony on content sharing online. Another major milestone for VibraVid is advertisement integration, which will further increase the revenue of the platform and further elevate the utility of the BeatzCoin token. We already have numerous parties lined up for ad placement on the site, which will be integrated over the coming week for all our users to see.

The BTZC token is available for exchange without KYC directly in the TronWallet.Me app under the SWAP feature, or for trading on and, where BTZC has consistently been among the top traded TRX-based tokens on both exchanges since listing in September 2019.

These newly implemented features are all in line with our overall goal to grab a large portion of the online content sharing industry through our blockchain-powered and decentralized platform. Being a fully community-based and driven project, VibraVid is providing content creators and users a fair share of the revenue and gives ownership back to the artists who create the content we all love.

Join the movement by visiting, explore the content and sign up an account to start uploading your music and video content today. We look forward to seeing you release your creativity with us and our ever growing community!


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CCO of VibraVid Inc. &

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