powered by BeatzCoin is live on TRON blockchain

BeatzCoin (BTZC)
4 min readSep 29, 2019 has officially launched its new music and video platform powered by the BeatzCoin (BTZC) token. On VibraVid, users from around the world can upload music, listen to music, upload videos, watch videos and earn cryptocurrency instantly. has officially launched its MVP, with music and video content for a global audience.

On VibraVid, artists, musicians and content creators are able to price, sell and own their own art and content, and share it to the world exactly how they see fit. There are three ways for content creators to upload their content. Firstly, an uploader can choose to set a price for its content for users to pay and enjoy that content. Secondly, an uploader can set a bounty for the user to receive when the content is played, and the bounty is then directly paid from the uploaders wallet to the user’s wallet. Thirdly, an uploader can also choose to give out their content for free.

Meanwhile, listeners, viewers and users are able to earn BTZC and TRX cryptocurrenices by simply watching content that has a bounty. Users of VibraVid have a privileged position to become part of an active part in a peer-2-peer ecosystem that reward content creators with 95% of the revenues from the overall revenues generated from their content.

VibraVid is launching its Minimal Viable Product (MVP) hours before the commencement of the BeatzCoin IEO, that is being hosted on Exchange. The first round of the BTZC IEO will begin on September 29 09:59PM (EST — New York), September 30 01:59AM (GMT — London) and September 30 10:59 (KST — Seoul).

On VibraVid, users are able to listen to individuals tracks as well as full albums, and it is up to the artist to set their price, bounty or allow free streaming.

BeatzCoin is a TRC-10 token based on TRON blockhain, running on the TRX Mainnet. This means that all transactions, transfers, payments, sales, bounties and purchases conducted on are all recorded on the TRON blockchain, with an instant delivery and high-throughput.

VibraVid is the world’s first decentralized application (DApp) that has built its storage solution on the BitTorrent File System (BTFS) Testnet. This means that the storage of all files, audio and video uploaded to VibraVid are part of a decentralized network without any central point of failure.

Since the BTFS Mainnet is set to launch in the coming weeks, VibraVid will migrate its storage solution to the BTFS Mainnet when it has been formally released and tested by the TRON Foundation and BitTorrent Inc.

All VibraVid users have an auto-generated wallet that securely stores the user’s BTZC and TRX tokens.

Currently VibraVid only supports the transfer of one token at a time, so users should not use multi-asset transactions until further notice. This means that if a user is sending tokens from TronWalletMe for instance, they can only send one particular token at a time, and not send BTZC and TRX in one transaction.

As VibraVid is proud to revel and launch its MVP, user feedback and input will be essential for the future growth of the platform and the BeatzCoin ecosystem. Given the scheduled VibraVid migration from BTFS Testnet to BTFS Mainnet, in addition to other updates and system optimization, maintenance periods will occur over the coming weeks and months, and we ask for community patience and cooperation during this time.

VibraVid’s overall goal is to disrupt the music and video online entertainment industry by assisting one artist at a time to restore their ownership of their own creation, while enabling them to earn a living from their work. The new approach that VibraVid powered by BeatzCoin presents is one of You-2-Me and Me-2-You model, where the growth of the user numbers and ecosystem’s size will be beneficial for both content creators and users alike.

Participate in the BeatzCoin IEO’s first round on from September 30

If you want to be part of the VibraVid movement, make sure to participate in the BeatzCoin IEO on Exchange from September 30, while telling your friends, family, favorite artists and content creators about, and how we as a community can change the game in favor of the artists. VibraVid is a response to the deficient streaming service model that has ruined the lives of countless artists, and through the use of blockchain technology and the BeatzCoin token, the launch of VibraVid is the first step on a long and exciting journey to restore freedom of music for artists worldwide.

Misha Lederman

Chief Communication Officer (CCO) of VibraVid and BeatzCoin