VibraVid Integrates BitTorrent and Applies for Binance LaunchPad.

For Immediate Release : 17 March 2019

Atlanta, GA — Recent developments have lead to the integration of BitTorrent into the VibraVid platform. This is not a massive change from the InterPlanitary File System (IPFS) which the team had previously employed. IPFS is an alternative to the HTTP protocol that most are familiar with while browsing the internet. IPFS is decentralized where HTTP is not. HTTP clients are stored on a centralized server where all content is open to censorship. On the IPFS protocol this is not the case as the information being stored is on a system of networks enabling peer to peer sharing (p2p). The BitTorrent protocol works in a similar fashion as files are stored as torrents that can be pulled from one computer on the network or small bits of data can be taken from 1000 different computers to obtain the full value. We would act as a BitTorrent client storing files on a decentralized model. The VibraVid team wants to make it clear that this is in no way a partnership with BitTorrent, rather an implementation of another Tron protocol into our own.

Edit: There will be an opportunity for seeders on the BitTorrent platform to earn BTT by way of the VibraVid platform. This will strictly be an added benefit for anyone who provides seeding to BitTorrent. While concurrently using the VibraVid platform.

An application has been placed for the Binance LaunchPad. Binance being the clear favorite to host BeatzCoin’s initial exchange offering (IEO) as the previous LaunchPad IEO’s have seen an amazing amount of success. CEO Steven Zambron is working hand and hand with the Binance team to see if BeatzCoin is the right fit. Nothing is guaranteed although the team is optimistic. Other alternatives have been set in motion to ensure a flawless release of BeatzCoin. Vowing to maintain KYC compliance, the team will not cut any corners.

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