VibraVid Announces New Adviser Dyl: Platinum Recording Artist & Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur

VibraVid is pleased to announce a new addition to our advisory team with Platinum Recording Artist Dyl. Dyl is a rapper and a rising star in the hip-hop community, where he first made his mark with his 2015 Platinum hit “Jordan Belfort”. Dyl is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who became involved in blockchain in 2015 and founded Philadelphia-based consulting company Advantage Blockchain in 2017. Dyl is also a founding member of BitGreen cryptocurrency and has a degree in Finance from Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. Dyl recently announced his debut album “CRYPTO RICH” which will be dropping on August 16.

Dyl joins the VibraVid team as a creative adviser in marketing and a primary content creator on the new VibraVid Platform. Dyl brings 3 years of experience working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as a major audience with his upcoming album “CRYPTO RICH”. Dyl has nearly 200K followers on his Instagram and millions of monthly listeners worldwide. Dyl is experienced in video content creation, and he will release exclusive Dyl content to be featured on the VibraVid platform! Dyl is one of the most innovative artists in the cryptocurrency space, who brings diverse experience and a targeted audience directly to the VibraVid platform. We are excited to have Dyl on the VibraVid team!

Make sure to check out Dyl’s latest work on and follow his social media: @famous_dyl

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