VibraVid and BeatzCoin Weekly Update September 14, 2020

First, if you are reading this, please be sure to share. People, especially BeatzCoin holders, need to know what direction the project has taken, and we are now utilizing Medium as a means to convey news and updates.

So, here we are following up on last week’s update. As expected, things have went fairly smooth this past week. We’ve finished up the advanced search, and are currently testing. As a bonus, we’ve also found the time to rebuild our Tron wallet-sync script, and that is also currently in testing.

Basically, our main goals for the week were met — and then some — as we move into Sprint 3 of 4. As things couldn’t seem to go any better, our developers have also gotten a jump start on Sprint 3, which began late last week, ahead of schedule!

Sprint 3 is a major compliment to the platform, as it ties in many loose ends:

 TASK: Add a “watch later” button and a user library “add to library” button. When a user adds to this list it should have a list of all content, separated by music and video that they have saved. It should also have the ability to be removed from that section.


- When a user follows someone they should be able to have a notification when there is a new upload from someone that they follow

- When someone comments on your video

- When content creator gets a tip

 TASK: All image uploads should be stored locally (not BTFS) for faster page loading.

 BUG/TASK: Improve loading of content — VV still only loads 20 videos/music until scrolling down repeatedly.

 BUG/TASK: Reporting feature needs to be improved. (Ticket is already on jira. You can see for example on how much more simple it should be to report a video compared to the way it is now)

This concludes our weekly update. If you haven’t already, please look back at a few of our previous articles (as they contain some important information regarding the project), and please remember to share! Thank-you for your continued support!

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