VibraVid and BeatzCoin Weekly Update: October 26, 2020

What an amazing week for BeatzCoin and BTZCr holders! As many of our readers may know, the live drawing for the BTZCr contest was held on this past Friday, and was a great success! Three lucky winners shared in 4500 USDT, and 13 winners shared in 12 million BTZC tokens.

The live drawing can be seen HERE

The BTZCr snapshot for airdrop can be viewed HERE

The list of winners can be found HERE

Top 3 winners of 4500 USDT

So, what’s next for VibraVid?

We have officially completed and tested Sprint 3. Due to TronGrid removing some of their services, we are implementing new ways to generate wallet addresses on VibraVid. Sprint 3 will be released into production fairly soon.

As of this morning, Sprint 4 was decided to be put on hold, as we have now begun development for wrapping and staking of BTZC. Information in regards to staking will be released at a later date. We do plan to have staking live before the end of this year!

Please understand that as we move in new directions, this does affect our previous roadmap and timelines. We are adjusting accordingly, and look forward to a bright 2021! Stay tuned…and see you again next week for another update!



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