VibraVid and BeatzCoin Weekly Update: October 12, 2020

“Why is development taking so long?”

The type of platform we are building cannot be compared to a typical website, or dApp. VibraVid is built to grow and scale, and has many technical elements that are unique in comparison with other websites. Our team certainly works hard and is doing all they can to accelerate the development process.

We are on track to release our largest update within the next 3–4 weeks. Some users may not see an extreme change to the overall UX. The beta release will, however, include many new features, bug fixes, and many UI enhancements.

Some pain-points the project has faced are several team changes, light funding, and negative outside influence on BeatzCoin — READ HERE

All things considered, it has been one year since launch, and we feel the VibraVid is in a good place. In the name of transparency, a typical work-day for our devs (Friday, October 09, 2020):

During working hours, we have at least 3 developers on the job, who work an 8-hour shift, Monday through Friday. If you haven’t, you can meet the team HERE

It has been a good week. We continue to chip away at Sprint 3, which enhances the user library and notifications aspect of VibraVid. Again, VibraVid is a long-term, two-year project…and we’re getting closer!

October 1, 2020 marked our one-year position regarding payments to past and current team members. This means that lump sums of BeatzCoin (15 million per month) will cease being paid out in 6 more months. A huge milestone!

If anyone missed it, we announced a 25% increase in BeatzCoin rewards for #BTZCr holders during the TronTrade AMA — READ HERE. At the time of writing, 85 #BTZCr remain. Sellers do have orders placed below 5000 trx on TronTrade (buying orders below 5000 trx does not support the project). If you’re looking to support the project, please join our official Telegram and inquire! LINK

If you have any specific questions, please send us a DM on Twitter — LINK

Have a good week everyone!