VibraVid and BeatzCoin Weekly Update: October 04, 2020

We hope everyone is remaining safe and healthy through these trying times. We’d like to thank you for your continued support! Here we are with another weekly update. It’s becoming a fun habit now! Lets get right into it…

For those of you who may have missed it, we have added our full development team to the Official BeatzCoin website: LINK HERE

VibraVid wallets have been restored and are now in sync! You may need to send or receive a transaction for your balance to update. We will be pushing another hotfix soon, in hopes that your balance will auto-refresh.

BeatzCoin concluded a SUN token giveaway and promotion on Twitter. 5 lucky participants each won 1 SUN token! The winners were chosen live on the BeatzCoin Telegram — in a clear and transparent manner.

We will be holding an AMA event on Tuesday, hosted by TronTrade — in their Official Telegram chat room. We will be answering questions regarding the project, as well as the BTZCr raffle token. We will also be announcing an exclusive “surprise” concerning the BTZCr token— so be there! If you haven’t purchased your BTZCr token, you can do so by clicking HERE

Each BTZCr token will receive a 400k BeatzCoin (BTZC) airdrop, and 1 entry into the prize drawing!

Development has went well over the past week. We are on schedule to wrap-up Sprint 3. However, we have been alerted of some registration issues, or new users not being able to generate a wallet, so that will be our main focus this week before proceeding with further VibraVid developments.

VibraVid is on track to push our biggest release ever in approximately 4 weeks! This release will make VibraVid a major contender in the space, outshining some of our competition! We look forward to impressing our users with this very long awaited and anticipated release! See you at the AMA!

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