VibraVid and BeatzCoin Weekly Update: November 15, 2020

What an interesting week for BeatzCoin!

First and foremost, we’d like to address that BTZC wrapping and staking is on track to be completed this week (as planned)! We have a minor delay with the Diwali holiday but our devs have assured us that we are still on pace to finalize everything this week. That gives us 2 weeks from today to thoroughly test everything, and launch the new wrapping and BTZC staking pages on VibraVid, along with other major platform enhancements. We are working hard to meet that goal (by Nov. 30th), and the worst-case scenario would be a December launch of these features. Stay tuned…

As we continue to think forward, BeatzCoin has been positioned to function on and with multiple blockchains, being among the first in the space. One of those blockchains is Syscoin, a very fast and secure blockchain that combines elements of bitcoin, dash, and more! Quoted from

“Established in 2014, the Syscoin development team boasts a long history of blockchain technology breakthroughs, corporate and grassroots partnerships, and an unbreakable commitment to bring crypto to the mainstream. We work in close quarters with our ever-growing community of professional developers and enthusiasts to give you one of the best blockchain development platforms in the field. It enables you to transact quickly and securely to anyone, anywhere. Syscoin Platform brings you the tools you need to remove the middleman and take back control of the way you do business.

Create your own Syscoin Platform Token ( SPT ) specially designed to transact fast and secure, with low costs. The trustless, permissionless two-way bridge makes it possible to tap into Ethereum smart contracts and infrastructure. At the same time, Any ERC20 can now gain near-instant micropayment capability with consensus and finality, cross-chain fractional token supply, and benefit from Syscoin’s Bitcoin-compliant merge-mined security while retaining all the utility of existing Ethereum smart contracts.”

In summary, the erc-20 version of BTZC is compatible and exchangeable to the SPT (Syscoin Platform Token) version, running on the Syscoin blockchain (BTZCspt).

To explain further: When an erc-20 version of BTZC is transferred over to the Syscoin blockchain, the erc-20 token is held in secure custody, and a SPT version is minted. There is absolutely no increase in maximum supply. Likewise, when BTZCspt is transferred back to the erc-20 version, the SPT is burned, and the erc20 BTZC token is released from custody. That is how it works.

In case you missed it, VibraVid was approved for funding by the Syscoin community, and in exchange, we will be performing a BTZCspt airdrop to particular Syscoin masternodes, and holders. We will release an updated and thorough article in regards to that soon!

As some of you may have seen, our BeatzCoin founder is now taking on an advisory role for a new project on Tron, X-Vault (XVT). Steven has professionally worked in the cryptocurrency space for 3 years, and is a valuable asset to the X-Vault project! In Steven’s words:

“I am approached everyday by projects or people looking for money. I’ve recently been approached by a long time friend in the space with an amazing idea and opportunity, and I found that quite refreshing. All he was looking for was to utilize my past experiences, and leverage those into new and amazing decisions and ideas. I’ve went through the documentation. I’ve shared my ideas from experience, and I really think this project is a contender in the space! Not only am I honored to advise on this project’s direction, I will certainly be an early buyer of XVT, and will forget about it for a few years while it adds to my crypto portfolio. Lastly, for those enquiring minds, this move does not take away from my responsibilities and obligations to VibraVid and BeatzCoin. In fact, I did not accept this position until I was assured and comfortable that XVT would compliment BTZC in general. We are currently exploring several partnership opportunities.”

So, there you have it.

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See you next week!