VibraVid and BeatzCoin Weekly Update: November 02, 2020

BeatzCoin (BTZC)
2 min readNov 3, 2020

A major milestone has been achieved for the project. All past and current team members have been paid out their due BTZC tokens. Team payments began 13 months ago, and were due to finalize in April of next year. However, due to strong community requests, VibraVid made an executive decision to finalize all BTZC debts.

The past week has been extremely busy, as the team is working on the front and back-end requirements for wrapped BTZC (wBTZC, trc20 standard), and staking. For those that are unfamiliar, BTZC will soon be exchangeable for a trc20 version of the token, opening the doors to many possibilities in the near future.

We want to be clear that this does not affect BTZC maximum supply in any way. As the trc10 version of the token is exchanged for the “wrapped” trc20 version, wBTZC will be minted and burned accordingly.

On another note, members of the BeatzCoin VIP Telegram chat will soon be participating in testing and recommendations for the platform. This will aid in quicker testing timelines, preventing bugs and other issues from entering the production environment. This will also allow us to correct or improve certain aspects of VibraVid before pushing an updated release version to the public.

We’ve also recently made a firm decision to enhance the VibraVid cryptocurrency wallet, as we will strive toward integrating other trc10 and trc20 Tron-based tokens, as well as other blockchains in the future. BTZC will always play a key role in current and future features, as this will bring more use-cases to other coins/tokens, as well as more awareness to BTZC and VibraVid.

Until next week…