Urgent BTZC Staking Update

If you are staking BTZC, you may be aware that an issue was faced in regards to claiming rewards. Although the contract was revised and tested vigorously for months, we’ve come to learn that Shasta Test-Net had not been updated to the most current Tron main-net variables. In other words, the contract performed flawlessly on test-net, yet faced issues with energy costs based on the complexity of the contract, as well as Tron’s new fee-structure, when distributing rewards.

Why did the team opt for such a complex contract?

What are we doing to solve this?

Please be advised that when we announce when the snapshot is taken, no further rewards will be honored thereafter. It will be the user’s responsibility to migrate their tokens to the new smart contract.

I’m staking BeatzCoin. What do I need to do?

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. It has been extremely frustrating for all of us, especially being that over 1/3 of the entire supply has been set aside for staking. We will be re-launching soon! In the meantime, VibraVid is working well, and we encourage you to visit, use, and share the platform. New registrations are open!

We thank-you for your patience, support, and understanding.


  • VibraVid Team




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