Open Letter to the Crypto Community and our Following:

Despite how Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain could change the world, let’s admit that a lot of success in this space is based on timing. There is no doubt that if VibraVid/BeatzCoin would have begun in the crypto boom of 2017 we would see much quicker development and better financial positioning. However, that will not be an excuse to achieve our goals as a company and solution for the content creator world.

We wanted to say thank you to the community and those who have supported VibraVid by purchasing BeatzCoin during IEO, token sales, or Voting for BeatzCoin as a Super Representative on the Tron blockchain. We have put VibraVid capital to good use, toward making a good product and eliminating the waste of any funds. That is why we run a very tight budget and have a small team. Though we try to be frugal, there are always those who take advantage of the good nature we have in the blockchain space. From hiring those who didn’t meet expectations to being scammed by what some actually believe to be a reputable exchange (see our findings on the ABCC trading competition). Despite all this we talk to many Venture Capitalist and other prominent people in blockchain and they are all impressed with how far we have gotten with so little funding.

Of course, there are many who will be disappointed over the price of the token because they use that as an indication for success. It’s understandable and we see that perspective. We know most get in to crypto for the potential gains in addition to the tech. Overall, we have seen the demise of many blockchain-based projects, while others are flourishing and we want to emulate., Binance, and Lolli are doing an amazing job.

Our end goal is to make ( a place where musicians and content creators can post content and not have to worry about censorship. A place where the user and creator can generate actual revenue. A place where the goals of advertisers actually lines up with that of the consumer. A place where BeatzCoin (BTZC) is considered a digital commodity.

As a startup, VibraVid is not immune to mistakes, challenges and change. For that reason, we have had to make certain pivots to ensure overall success. We will soon be releasing more information on how we are going to prioritize the next phases, but in the meantime, we do want to let you know what’s on the horizon.

⁃ Finished UI/UX (Little by little we have been improving and our priority is to be able to have specified searches on VibraVid and reliable content recommendations based on categories, genres and tags)

⁃ Staking (We will soon be releasing a model that we think will be a game changer and make the BeatzCoin token more popular)

⁃ Transparent Tokenomics

⁃ Better Governance and decentralization. (Tron is great for fast, cheap transactions, but as we introduce staking, we need a more decentralized solution and for that we are looking at other solutions.)

⁃ Ad Revenue Integration (As we gain more users this will be how VibraVid Inc earns money and operates. Though we aim to have many decentralized features there will still be many traditional aspects to VibraVid and that’s why we think it will be easier to gain mass adoption.

⁃ Partnerships and Marketing

⁃ Gateway for users and creators to turn their tokens, rewards etc in to cash that goes straight to their account.

These are the current priorities that we look to execute on as we move forward.

On behalf of Steve, Dallas, Krish, the team and I, we want to thank you for your support at any point! We are transparent and always open to talking so feel free to reach out to any of us!

Alex Guerra

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