Journey to Tron Super Representative has just begun.

2 April 2019

Quite possibly the fastest growing SR candidate in history exceeded expectations as BeatzCoin rallied passed CryptoDiva SR to maintain a firm grasp on the 27th SR position.

BeatzCoin is currently sitting at 174 million votes and just three million shy of the 22nd spot on the SR leaderboard. The Beatz community has surpassed the Tron community giant Intergalactic-Gaming and their highly coveted IGG token which is a feat that the team does not take lightly.

Payout information can be found in the previous article as payouts will be designed to sustain voters and will be competitive.

The BeatzCoin community is the best around and we will do everything within our power to represent them the way they deserve. -Steven Zambron (Founder and CEO)

The team has no intention of slowing down marketing efforts and driving awareness for the VibraVid Platform scheduled for release within the next 30 days.

A Screen Grab from the VibraVid Platform showing the new Video Integration

Mike Patraw — CMO, VibraVid Inc. and BeatzCoin

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