Join our HUGE Raffle Giveaway!

You have the opportunity to further support an amazing project, while purchasing BeatzCoin at a fair market price, and being added to the pool of amazing prizes! 20 Lucky winners will share a prize pool valued at over $10,000!

To participate, simply go to TronTrade — link HERE

Next, all you will need to do is fund your TronLink or GuildWallet with 5,000 TRX…and purchase 1 BTZCr token. That’s it! You’re now the proud owner of 400,000 BTZC tokens, and have 1 entry into the official drawing! Please note that the 400k BTZC tokens will be distributed immediately after the raffle has ended. You will need to do nothing. A snapshot will be taken and the tokens will be sent to the BTZCr holding addresses.

The giveaway will end once all 500 BTZCr tokens are accumulated, or in 30 days (whichever comes first). We don’t expect this amazing opportunity to last long!

We will then announce a clear date and time for the LIVE drawing. The drawing will take place on Twitter, using — fair, honest, and transparent! The results will be posted across all of our social media, and prizes will be distributed automatically (within 24 hours)!

There are NO OTHER WAYS TO PARTICIPATE OR ACQUIRE the BTZCr entry token! The token ID is: 1003354 and will be deemed useless and unsupported after the giveaway ends!

If you have any issues or questions, please ask in our BeatzCoin [BTZC] Official 1002413 Telegram chat room. You can also visit our Official website:

Thank-you for the support and…


BTZCr holders will be airdropped 500,000 BTZC tokens and 1 entry per BTZCr held!



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