John McAfee: Endorses VibraVid and BeatzCoin.

2020 Presidential Candidate and Cryptocurrency Advocate Expresses his “Love” for VibraVid.

Atlanta, GA — 03/02/2019 — On 27 February, John McAfee directly responded to CEO Steven Zambron’s tweet regarding the “declassified release” of the 3rd milestone of platform development. Mr. McAfee simply replied, “I do love this”. Truth is, this tweet was not by accident.

“I’ve been trying to get his attention for a year, he just DM’d me” said Steven Zambron, CEO at VibraVid Inc.

Positive Impact

Mr. McAfee reached out to Mr. Zambron directly, simply stating “Tell me”. For the team, this was potentially the most important message of our lives. For the select few who knew about this correspondence, excitement could barely be contained. Mr. Zambron went silent…Twenty minutes went by before a single screen shot of what he had said to Mr. McAfee filled the screen. The team waited in anticipation.

“He’s looking at my message… No response yet” said Mr. Zambron.

It was apparent that he was quite literally holding his breath. All that could be done is wait… Until this happened.

What is Next for VibraVid and John McAfee?

Although John McAfee’s future involvement in VibraVid is unknown to the public, there has been numerous correspondence between Mr. McAfee and various members of the team. An official Press Release will be published when/if there is any future involvement. As of now, Mr. McAfee supports the concept as he is a fan of underground music and he truly believes VibraVid can make a difference in this space.

VibraVid is not looking to “dethrone” multimedia giants such as YouTube and SoundCloud but provides an alternative in a decentralized system. Powered by BeatzCoin and backed by the Tron network, VibraVid WILL give the power back to the creators.

Mike Patraw,

CMO VibraVid Inc. and BeatzCoin

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