BeatzCoin Capitalizes on a Busy November

Pre-Token-Trading-Event Closes as Endorsement Offers Pour In

Atlanta, GA, Nov 29 — As the team successfully met the soft cap of the pre-token-trading-event (PTTE), funds are shifting to artist endorsements and the development of the VibraVid platform. An updated website with a clean new look was released with updated security measures to prevent DDoS and other cyber-attacks. A clothing line was launched through our friends over at and we plan to have a fully functioning online merchandising store available on our website in the near future. White Paper V.02 is near completion and will give the community a fresh new look at the evolved road map. The team is in talks with numerous artists about coming on board with the BeatzCoin movement and rumors of a Tron Super Representative will be addressed as well.

Soft Cap raised over 4.5M Tron (TRX) and allowed us to further pursue the development of the VibraVid platform. Artist endorsements are literally flooding the inboxes as the team looks to bring in high quality talent to help drive VibraVid in the right direction.

Recent DDoS attacks had prompted a quick reaction from the team. was taken offline for about two minutes before the developers identified and secured the network. New security measures have been implemented and the team is consistent with vulnerability scans of the network. is currently hosting all BeatzCoin and VibraVid clothing sales. The team is working on bringing the store to the website for easier and more efficient purchases as we are fully set up for e-commerce.

BeatzCoin White Paper V.02 will display a new clean look with a focus on updating the road map. The BeatzCoin vision evolves at a rapid rate and a goal of keeping the community informed is strictly enforced.

The team is very serious about getting established artists as well as up-and-comers on the VibraVid platform and will be working diligently on artist endorsements and bringing exclusive content to the BeatzCoin community.

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