Ellipal & BeatzCoin Announce Partnership

VibraVid Inc. is proud to announce a new strategic partnership between BeatzCoin and hardware wallet provider Ellipal.

The partnership will allow for BeatzCoin holders to store BTZC and their other digital assets safely offline in Ellipal Titan. Additionally, the cooperation will provide custom-made Ellipal Titans with BTZC’s logo to BeatzCoin community members at discounted rates.

Ellipal and BeatzCoin will work together to create a safe and easy to use blockchain infrastructure by cooperation in product development, marketing and community growth.

Ellipal Titan, the newest wallet by Ellipal, is the most secure air-gapped and IP65 rated metal sealed hardware wallet on the market today with mobile support.

VibraVid is happy present the benefits of using Ellipal Titan over other hardware wallets, which include:

  • Complete Isolation

Feel incredibly secure as your keys will always be kept isolated inside the Ellipal wallet

  • Multiple Verification

Add extra security layers with multiple passwords and verification steps.

  • QR Code

Information transfer between hardware wallet and App through QR codes only.

  • Recovery

Easily recover your hardware wallet accounts by re-entering mnemonics.

  • Incredibly Simple

We are one of the easiest hardware wallets to use. Set up new accounts in less than a minute.

  • Large Touch Screen

Easily manage your assets with simple to use hardware wallet UI.

BeatzCoin (BTZC) is the cryptocurrency used to transact on the VibraVid platform. All transactions, deals, products, services, bounties and giveaways are recorded on the Tron blockchain ledger, removing the need for a middleman. VibraVid’s ultimate goal is to upend the media sharing industry by enabling self marketing and user engagement.

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