Diving in to the possibilities of VibraVid through the use of BeatzCoin…

Alex hangs with Thi’sl in a Seattle Washington listening party sponsored by BeatzCoin.

Before I began my journey with BeatzCoin I did a lot of research on the multiple ways the blockchain and crypto can help the music industry. I’ve read through it all. Positive and Negative articles. “Blockchain is young and the regular person isn’t going to buy tokens when they can pay their easy monthly subscription.” Among other negatives I noticed that most of them were very short-sighted and what I hear from the lovely “Fudders” that troll the timeline from time to time.

This is why I decided to write a brief article of how VibraVid can be a game changer for both digital content creators and blockchain adoption along with some of the notable features that will be included on the platform.

A payment model that rewards the content creator appropriately for their work
You’ve probably already seen this chart floating around, but most of the major platforms pay at very low rates because the streaming structure makes it only advantageous for the bigger artist to make money. VibraVid aims to pay out at least 95% of the proceeds directly to the content creator. Not only that, but they will have complete control on how much to charge for the cost to download or stream the content.

A way to market yourself
You made an awesome video/song that you want people to see, but there’s tons of other content out there and its hard to get noticed. Well, VibraVid has what we call a bounty program where you can offer up crypto currency to other users in order to be able to get more views/listens. This then can give you the push you need to attract the audience you are looking for. In the future VibraVid will be so enhanced and have AI protocols that will help find you an audience that is in line with the content you make.

Instant Payment
One of the reasons we decided to build on the Tron Protocol rather that Ethereum is for the transaction speeds. It’s important for people to be able to get what they pay for right away and for the content creator also to get their funds rather than waiting for a royalty check in the mail. In the future we will look to have inter-operable blockchains to help gain an even larger more flexible user base.

BeatzCoin and VibraVid’s following continues to grow at hosted events.

The Bittorent Protocol
One of our greatest features and a reason why our development was lengthened was because of what BitTorrent can do for Vibravid Users. Not only can it work as a file system, but contrary to big platforms that get their servers clogged up, when you stream on VibraVid you are actually seeding as well! Therefore, the more people online the better it’s going to perform. Among many other advantages we will be looking for ways to reward users of the platform BTT tokens as well.

BNB was a big role model for us when coming up with the concept and tokenomics. Content creators will be have incentive using BeatzCoin rather than other coins on the platform because its our native currency and will offer discounts and ability to earn interests for holding and spending it. Once we incorporate more features that can involve users of VibraVid BeatzCoin will always be used.

Alex shows the ease of use with the Tron Network and BeatzCoin token Transfers.

These are just 5 points that we will soon be able to enjoy. Even on VibraVid’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage. The future entails so much more and I encourage you to check out our recently updated extensive road map for many more features that we plan to roll out and develop.
I have spoken to many different artists. From platinum recording artists to the new talent that’s trying to make a living. One thing that most agree on is the value of blockchain. That’s why you will see many names begin to join VibraVid and use it as a way to make more, market themselves and engage with their audience.

It’s a long road map ahead, but the moment we launch we will begin to spread like wildfire.

We have some huge announcements coming up that are going to take BeatzCoin to another level! Make sure you follow us on twitter @BeatzCoin for latest and greatest.

I (@proguerra) also host the Music and Crypto podcast on www.spreaker.com/user/beatzcoin where you can listen to interviews from all types of artists that may or may not even know about crypto

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