BTZC Staking Update

BeatzCoin (BTZC)
2 min readMay 6, 2021

It is with great honor to inform you that BTZC staking will resume very soon! We have created and launched a much better version of the staking contract, and have tested the contract on Tron Main-Net prior to release. The new contract is better optimized, and we have done our best to reduce any associated network fees.

As of right now, anyone who is staking BTZC in the original contract may Un-stake at this time, and prepare to join the new contract. You may do so by visiting You may also interact with the contract directly at: If using TronScan, initiate the unstake function by logging in with your wallet, and clicking the “Send” button under “1.unstake.”

As you may know, we have been working on the new and improved UI for VibraVid. This is almost ready. We are optimizing for mobile, to give the experience of a mobile application. We’ve also expanded our dev team and will be giving more info in regards to that very soon.

For the inconvenience and as a token of appreciation for BTZC holders, we have taken a snapshot of all staking addresses, and will be distributing twice the rewards via an airdrop. Users need to do nothing. All staking addresses will receive the airdrop based on staking’s launch, up until the official release of the new staking contract! (It will not matter when you first Staked or Un-staked.) The airdrop will commence soon after the official release of the new staking contract.

For those that are late or miss this news, we will be leaving a link on VibraVid to the old staking page, so that users can continue to Un-stake. Please note that no rewards from the old contract will be calculated after the launch of the new staking contract.

We will be making all official announcements via the “BeatzCoin” twitter handle, as well as the “BeatzCoin News” telegram:

We have some exciting things in development and in the pipeline, and we stand beside you as we reach for the stars! We will be sharing updates and news over the course of the next few weeks! Don’t miss it! #GrowWithUs