BTZC Project Update — April 5, 2021

BeatzCoin (BTZC)
2 min readApr 5, 2021

Hi everyone! We would like to let you know where things are at the moment.

1. New staking contract — we do not have a specific date but the contract is being revised to solve current issues with claiming rewards. We will let you know as soon as it is in testing. *Those who have staked and/or continue staking will receive a 2x reward airdrop when the new contract is ready.

2. Our ICON friends suggested that we submit our proposal in phases, rather than going for it all. (Icon integrations, bounty SC, NFT platform) we are going simply for the ICON integration. We need to support those who are willing to support us! So let’s show ICON community that we would be happy to build with them. The proposal has been submitted and now we will wait for approval.

3. NFT marketplace — We are planning to build on Tron but we are also going to look into ICON because if we get another grant it would make more sense to take advantage. This week we will know costs and timeline for NFT marketplace.

4. Bounty smart contract and Klever login. We have pricing and need to finalize when to begin work.

5. New wallet integration. This is going to be great because VibraVid will become a scalable dapp. This is what the ICON proposal is for. After this is done we can think about adding SYS chain. SYS is also getting us a quote for time and costs.

6. Our goal is to have a concrete road map very soon. We’ve made a lot of pivots in our history but here we are, on the right track.

7. Marketing initiatives and new exchanges. A lot are asking about this. Unless it’s a “can’t miss” opportunity, we will not be dedicating resources to this at this time.

Our project goals for this week are:

1. New smart contract deployed for testing

2. Dev team #2’s Angular updates and new UI to testing environment (and mobile-specific subdomain)

3. Dev team #1 getting Jira items done and pushed to test environment

*Solving how Angular updates will affect post-work?

Thank you everyone for your continued support and patience. 🙏