BeatzCoin’s VibraVid platform completes major upgrade - including new UI design, new media player, improved speed & bug fixes

BeatzCoin (BTZC)
3 min readNov 29, 2019

--, the newly launched blockchain music and video platform powered by the cryptocurrrency BeatzCoin (BTZC), has completed a major upgrade in a new release that went live on November 29.

The most significant upgrades includes new simplified user interface (UI) design, new music player with additional functionalities, new video player, Home Page optimization, increased transaction speed, faster page loading and file streaming speeds as well as removing phone number entry and fixing sign up bugs.

Based on the TRON blockchain and using the decentralized BitTorrent File System (BTFS) for file storage, VibraVid’s minimal viable product (MVP) was launched on September 30. More than 2,500 new registered users are now using the platform, with more than 1,200 audio & video files uploaded and recording over 40,000 blockchain transactions since the launch of VibraVid.

New designs of VibraVid platform’s music player & added functionalities, video player and UI optimizations.

All major and relevant VibraVid upgrades, updates, bug fixes & UI optimizations in this most recent release are listed the two sections below.

User Interface (UI), Design and User Experience (UX) Optimizations:

  1. New Music Player — New UI design of music player with additional functionalities such as skip track, backward track, forward in song, rewind in song as well as choose random song.
  2. New Volume Control Bar in Music Player.
  3. New Video Player UI Design.
  4. My wallet — UI Optimization.
  5. New Home Page UI Design.
  6. Album Page — Images and thumbnails now optimized for desktop and mobile.
  7. Fix Thumbnail Picture on Videos UI Design.
New Music Player design with added functionalities skip & backward track, forward & rewind in song and choose random song.

Speed, Functionalities, Bug Fixes and Overall Optimization Upgrades:

  1. Increased speed for transactions from 5 to 3 seconds.
  2. Improved streaming speed.
  3. Faster loading of pages with significantly shorter fetch time for user.
  4. Optimized thumbnail design and creation.
  5. Upload Cost OR Bounty Option— Added the option to apply either a cost or bounty (not both) to uploaded content.
  6. Transactions History — Transaction links in wallet view upgraded, while duplicate transactions bug fix and users receive duplicate emails bug fix.
  7. Sign Up bug fix — Removed phone number entry & fix lower case email sensitivity bug.
  8. Admin Panel — Break in data.
  9. Password — User can now use spaces in password.
  10. Notification Alerts and other Setting optimization.
  11. Home Page changes in text and design.
  12. Video — username and title now aligned.
  13. Wallet QR code — now fits on mobile.
  14. Audio/Music bug fix — songs added to an album now show in Music page.
  15. Comments upgrade — Allowance for more than 10 comments to appear.
  16. Video Page bug fix — Sorting of videos optimized.
  17. Improved the music list display for mobile devices.
  18. Added Parental Advisory indication option for audio files.
  19. Improved bounty cost notifications, so users will always be notified when receiving a bounty.
  20. Username implementation.
  21. Revised wording for email notifications.
  22. Allowance for multi-asset transactions to appear properly recorded in wallet.

With this huge platform upgrade centered around a simpler users experience and making it even more intuitive to use VibraVid, the BeatzCoin team will now embark on an aggressive campaign to recruit musicians, video content creators and users from around the world. VibraVid is still in early stages of its evolution but the next major upgrades to the platform includes social elements such as Profile Pages with Subscribe option, Shareable Links with thumbnails for Social Media and Email, Music Genres as well as Day/Night mode.

The BeatzCoin token is now tradable for BTC, TRX & KRW on,,, TronWallet and, while you can find token information on the BTZC pages on as well as

BeatzCoin will also be listed on ABCC Exchange, with a BTZC/USDT pair going live for trading on Friday, November 29.

Stay tuned to BeatzCoin’s development and announcement on:



Misha Lederman

Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of & BeatzCoin project