BeatzCoin Team Prepares for VibraVid Launch


Mike Patraw — CMO VibraVid Inc.

As BeatzCoin and VibraVid push into platform development, a clearer understanding of the two is required.

Recently, VibraVid has been termed as a mix between SoundCloud and youtube, but decentralized. As this goal is accurate, the question of how Content Providers will be catered to, is finally coming to light. With the recent release of the Artist Accelerator Campaign headlined by Alex, artists are asking more questions than ever.

The Artist Accelerator Campaign. aims to pull in roughly 1000 musicians and content creators from around the globe before the release of VibraVid which is scheduled to launch in early Q2 2019. This campaign will provide specialized instruction and live customer support during beta testing, as well as the unique opportunity of earning free beatzcoin for early adoption (1 Million BeatzCoin will be given to hundreds of musicians) to kickstart their marketing and earnings. These early adopters will also enjoy the added benefit of 0 transaction fees during beta stage.

VibraVid is another opportunity for users to garner a fan base and earn more income for content creators world wide. Over time it aims to be the platform of choice and can undoubtedly accomplish this by streamlining the process for many, making it easier to use and earn money.

Imagine if SoundCloud or YouTube provided the aspects of Patreon or KickStarter directly through their platform. Why do they not do this? Well it takes away from their own pocketbooks. Being decentralized allows VibraVid to implement crowdfunding as well as artist interaction which builds relationships with their listeners/viewers. This will be driven by the use of BeatzCoin, a cryptocurrency powered by Tron, which has one of the highest liquidity rates competing with the likes of Bitcoin. These transactions will have a fee, but much lower than the 2.9% AND 35 cents per transaction that Patreon requires from users. VibraVid staff is still discussing transaction rates and will likely release this to the public prior to launch.

VibraVid strives to provide the best user experience possible. CEO Steven Zambron’s goal is to right the wrong and give the power back to the content creators. If you are a musician, comedian, vlogger, or looking to make that next viral video, it’s time to join the revolution. Take a step forward and earn money doing what you love, do not fall into the centralized traps that look to take advantage of their users.