As we get ready to make a series of big announcements in the next couple of weeks we want to take some time to thank the community for everything! Without you there is no VibraVid or BeatzCoin. Your votes and trust has put us in a position to represent the Tron community as a Super Representative for over 3 months now. In an effort to gain more votes and reward the community we will be holding a raffle with several prizes.

1st prize — 5000 TRX
2nd — 2500 TRX
3rd — 10,000 BTT
4–7th — BeatzCoin Hat
8–10th — BeatzCoin T-Shirt

Here are the rules*:

By Friday July 19th you must be voting for BeatzCoin and you must keep those votes at least until August 4th. On August 5th we will announce all the winners via wallet address. Those who won a t-shirt or hat must contact us to claim their prize.

*You must be voting at least 5000 TRX for BeatzCoin. Every 10,000 TRX extra voted counts as an extra raffle ticket. The more you vote the higher your odds are of winning!
*Votes must be placed for BeatzCoin and not removed at least from the time period of July 19th to August 4th

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