BeatzCoin Announces Super Representative Candidacy!!!

Reward Payouts Begin Sunday March 31st

26 March 2019

Houston, TX — BeatzCoin is a TRC-10 utility token that is to be used on the Vibravid Platform. A decentralized music ecosystem platform with ambitions to change the way people interact with digital content. The inception of the project dates back to December 2017 and quickly moved from an Ethereum based development to Tron project because of the many added benefits. Beatzcoin has established itself among one of the most popular and anticipated projects on the Tron Network and has recently changed its development to include the BitTorrent protocol on the back end of the platform. We believe with the power of Tron and BitTorrent we will bring mass adoption to the Tron community.


Our mission is to deliver the ultimate experience on the Vibravid Platform for both users and content creators while being a pillar in the Tron community that is known world wide.

What do people care about most? REWARDS.

For the first two weeks BeatzCoin will be giving 100% rewards. Not only on Tron (TRX) but also of BeatzCoin (BTZC).
From then on BeatzCoin will be giving a 100% BTZC reward along with a 25% TRX reward.

This is a win on so many levels for our supporters.

1. Since you can not currently buy BeatzCoin it is a great way to own some while we await our Token that coincides with platform beta launch in two months.
2. We want more BTZC spread among more token holders so we have more users that can spend our token.
3. BeatzCoin has a fixed total supply of 3 Billion so with the potential of our token being very valuable within our Vibravid Ecosystem we strongly believe we are giving some of the best rewards of all Super Representatives.
4. New artists and content creators who use Vibravid will now have an incentive to HODL and vote their TRX so they can earn BTZC and use it on Vibravid.

What Beatzcoin will do with the TRX

1. Marketing, marketing, marketing
- We will use funds to promote our platform through various methods.
- Meet with executives for high level partnerships
- Reaching out to artists to increase awareness and get them on the platform.
- Exposing VV and Beatz inside and outside of the crypto community.
- Sponsoring or participating in events related to music that give TRON and Beatzcoin more exposure

2. Development
- The reward funding will assist us with developing the features you want on the platform a lot faster

3. Rewarding top Vibravid performers in the ecosystem.
- We will be dedicating 10–15% of our monthly rewards to the top grossing artists with prizes to incentivize promotion on the Vibravid platform.
- Our top listeners/spenders on the network will also earn prizes such as exclusive BeatzCoin swag and collectibles.

Overall, we hope the rewards are attractive to receive your votes, but our main goal is for our voters to see how they will be making a contribution to changing the world while supporting and empowering artists to stay and make it independently or without unnecessary middlemen.

Alex Guerra, Artist Relations and Integrations VibraVid Inc. and BeatzCoin

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