BeatzCoin — A rendezvous with history.

Abstract: In the following text, subjective ideas regarding BeatzCoin will be explored, based on community’s feedback, whereas also on project’s development so far.

What is BeatzCoin about? Is it a cryptocurrency, a utility token for VibraVid dApp, or something more? Even though reality would argue that the first part is more true, I would counter-argue that BeatzCoin is slowly, yet steadily being transformed into a movement. Below, a thorough analysis will try to defend the aforementioned rhetorical question.

Undoubtedly, I couldn’t imagine VV’s current status when I entered the core team back in April 2018. One year has passed and it seems like yesterday. Over the course of a year, I perceived BeatzCoin through a variety of perspectives. This is due to market’s ups and downs, migration from ETH to TRX blockchain, decision to conduct a pre-token-trading-event during the worst bear market after December 2017, etc.

However, it seemed that every time BeatzCoin was ready to unexpectedly overcome any uprising issues against its proper development. I will never forget when we decided to create our Telegram community and move over from Discord. We had our 100th member in August, and by October we would surpass 18,000!

Moreover, every day we would see more and more new people becoming obsessed with BTZC’s mission. I can’t identify with certainty the exact date where we crossed this thin red line between a favorable project and a way of life. BeatzCoin inevitably belongs to the second category. In October and November of 2018, our community showed its support in the most practical way possible, hitting our Hard Cap!

Furthermore, it is not the “sold out” itself that gave the necessary boost, but rather the general circumstances that occurred in our ecosystem back then, while also improving the daily commitment and genuine interest within our community. It was a perfect storm which was transmitted to the core team in an instant, and got us into a point where we started eating BeatzCoin, drinking BeatzCoin, breathing BeatzCoin…

Our team has faced many hard times with external partners, fraudulent attempts against our community or ourselves, but every single time we managed to pull them through. Each time we were becoming even stronger, in order to be ready for BeatzCoin’s rendezvous with history.

In conclusion, John McAfee realized early the route and historical potential of our movement. By the time this article is getting finished, BeatzCoin sits on #3 Tron SR table, only after 10 days more or less of the official campaign launch. We are still in the process of gaining momentum, with a single ultimate goal, to be ready in our historical rendezvous in order to democratize and liberate the current vicious cycle that artists have indulged in all those years.

Honor us by placing BeatzCoin #1 Tron SR and we will push and establish your inalienable rights with every human capabilities we have, which is revolutionizing the way we interact with digital content once and forever!

Tasos Oureilidis, Chief Business Development Officer, VibraVid Inc. and BeatzCoin

E-mail: Twitter: @akaTasos Telegram: @TasCrypto

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