It has been an exciting week for crypto, as we’ve seen bitcoin attempt to break all-time highs, ethereum, having broke its yearly high, and many alt coins beginning to heat up.

In most cases, timing is everything, and now couldn’t be a better time for a bullish market, as VibraVid prepares its long-awaited new release version.

BTZC wrapping and staking are on track. Having officially begun development on Tuesday, October 27, we are entering this week only a few days behind on our initial 3 week deadline for development. We did have a few specific queries come up this past week, which did require some thought, feedback, and meetings. …

What an interesting week for BeatzCoin!

First and foremost, we’d like to address that BTZC wrapping and staking is on track to be completed this week (as planned)! We have a minor delay with the Diwali holiday but our devs have assured us that we are still on pace to finalize everything this week. That gives us 2 weeks from today to thoroughly test everything, and launch the new wrapping and BTZC staking pages on VibraVid, along with other major platform enhancements. We are working hard to meet that goal (by Nov. 30th), and the worst-case scenario would be a December launch of these features. …

Not a whole lot to report for this past week. The devs have been consistently working on the wrapping and staking features for BTZC. Most of the front-end development is complete, and we are awaiting further back-end developments. We are still looking to push the next release this month. However, a few important developments have been brought up, which may or may not impact the release date. We are working diligently to get the new VibraVid release launched as soon as possible.

Our CTO has been very proactive, and while most of the team are working on the above-mentioned developments, Priyadarshi is working on an improved Recommendation System for audio and video, which should also be included in the next release. This will leverage AI ML techniques and technologies, using VibraVid audio and video data sets based on Python and Spark library.mlib. …

A major milestone has been achieved for the project. All past and current team members have been paid out their due BTZC tokens. Team payments began 13 months ago, and were due to finalize in April of next year. However, due to strong community requests, VibraVid made an executive decision to finalize all BTZC debts.

The past week has been extremely busy, as the team is working on the front and back-end requirements for wrapped BTZC (wBTZC, trc20 standard), and staking. …

What an amazing week for BeatzCoin and BTZCr holders! As many of our readers may know, the live drawing for the BTZCr contest was held on this past Friday, and was a great success! Three lucky winners shared in 4500 USDT, and 13 winners shared in 12 million BTZC tokens.

The live drawing can be seen HERE

The BTZCr snapshot for airdrop can be viewed HERE

The list of winners can be found HERE

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Top 3 winners of 4500 USDT

So, what’s next for VibraVid?

We have officially completed and tested Sprint 3. Due to TronGrid removing some of their services, we are implementing new ways to generate wallet addresses on VibraVid. …

We’ve completed Sprint 3 in a reasonable timeframe, which is currently undergoing testing. We’ve also finalized a simple staking plan for #BTZC holders, which will begin development soon.

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We’ve also updated the BeatzCoin website to include the snapshot of all #BTZCr holders, and the LIVE drawing will take place this Friday, October 23, at 6 p.m. EST (22:00 UTC). You can view the list of eligible wallets HERE

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We will be sharing the link for the live drawing on the BeatzCoin Twitter, as well as the Official BeatzCoin Telegram within the next 24 hours.

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GOOD LUCK! Stay tuned for next week’s Weekly Update!

“Why is development taking so long?”

The type of platform we are building cannot be compared to a typical website, or dApp. VibraVid is built to grow and scale, and has many technical elements that are unique in comparison with other websites. Our team certainly works hard and is doing all they can to accelerate the development process.

We are on track to release our largest update within the next 3–4 weeks. Some users may not see an extreme change to the overall UX. The beta release will, however, include many new features, bug fixes, and many UI enhancements.

Some pain-points the project has faced are several team changes, light funding, and negative outside influence on BeatzCoin — READ…

We hope everyone is remaining safe and healthy through these trying times. We’d like to thank you for your continued support! Here we are with another weekly update. It’s becoming a fun habit now! Lets get right into it…

For those of you who may have missed it, we have added our full development team to the Official BeatzCoin website: LINK HERE

VibraVid wallets have been restored and are now in sync! You may need to send or receive a transaction for your balance to update. We will be pushing another hotfix soon, in hopes that your balance will auto-refresh.

BeatzCoin concluded a SUN token giveaway and promotion on Twitter. 5 lucky participants each won 1 SUN token! …

Tomorrow (September 29) is the 1 year anniversary of the launch of! We thank you for the continued patience and support!

This past week has proven to be very interesting. As mentioned in last week’s article, our development servers were down and undergoing trouble-shooting. Well, to our surprise, the dev. environment had been subject to a recent hack! Being that our development environment is for developing and testing purposes (test-net transactions only), security was not a top priority. You can read more about the hack here:

The development environment is back up and running, and new security measures have been put in place to prevent such a thing from reoccurring. On a more positive note, testing is back in session as of this morning, and we are looking forward to moving into Sprint 4 of 4, and applying our new wallet-sync mechanism soon! …

You have the opportunity to further support an amazing project, while purchasing BeatzCoin at a fair market price, and being added to the pool of amazing prizes! 20 Lucky winners will share a prize pool valued at over $10,000!

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To participate, simply go to TronTrade — link HERE

Next, all you will need to do is fund your TronLink or GuildWallet with 5,000 TRX…and purchase 1 BTZCr token. That’s it! You’re now the proud owner of 400,000 BTZC tokens, and have 1 entry into the official drawing! Please note that the 400k BTZC tokens will be distributed immediately after the raffle has ended. You will need to do nothing. …

BeatzCoin (BTZC)

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