The long awaited BTZC airdrop has taken place. We have delivered over 38 million BTZC tokens (nearly $120,000 USD at the time of writing) to those who had staked in the first (old) BTZC staking contract on VibraVid.

The rewards were distributed as follows:

The initial staking contract went live on March 23, 2021, and abruptly paused on April 1, 2021, blocking any additional stakes. The issue with the contract was that rewards were unable to be distributed (for more information, please visit:

We expected a fairly quick fix, and offered to provide stakers with double the rewards for…

BTZC staking is officially LIVE!

As some of you may know, BeatzCoin staking is live on On the website you will find the new staking contract, as well as a link to the previous staking contract.

For the most part, the new contract UI is in working order. However, some users have reported errors when attempting to connect via Klever wallet. We expect this to be resolved sometime after Monday, May 17. An official announcement will be made once the staking UI is in 100% proper working order.

If you are seeing this screen when visiting the “oldstaking” page, try refreshing the page, then pressing the “back” button. This has been found effective by most users.

In the meantime, here is a solution to Un-stake:

If you have previously Unlocked, and it has been more than 7 days:

1. Open the…

It is with great honor to inform you that BTZC staking will resume very soon! We have created and launched a much better version of the staking contract, and have tested the contract on Tron Main-Net prior to release. The new contract is better optimized, and we have done our best to reduce any associated network fees.

As of right now, anyone who is staking BTZC in the original contract may Un-stake at this time, and prepare to join the new contract. You may do so by visiting You may also interact with the contract directly at:

Hi everyone! We would like to let you know where things are at the moment.

1. New staking contract — we do not have a specific date but the contract is being revised to solve current issues with claiming rewards. We will let you know as soon as it is in testing. *Those who have staked and/or continue staking will receive a 2x reward airdrop when the new contract is ready.

2. Our ICON friends suggested that we submit our proposal in phases, rather than going for it all. (Icon integrations, bounty SC, NFT platform) we are going simply for…

If you are staking BTZC, you may be aware that an issue was faced in regards to claiming rewards. Although the contract was revised and tested vigorously for months, we’ve come to learn that Shasta Test-Net had not been updated to the most current Tron main-net variables. In other words, the contract performed flawlessly on test-net, yet faced issues with energy costs based on the complexity of the contract, as well as Tron’s new fee-structure, when distributing rewards.

Why did the team opt for such a complex contract?

We gathered many suggestions and desires from the community at large, and the goal was to provide a means for users to…

NOTICE: Nothing contained in this article should be taken as financial advice, as we are simply discussing the recent price action of BTZC, as well as the projected developments. The project roadmap and future developments are always subject to change.

What an exciting week for BTZC! We’ve seen volumes and price movements that have not been seen since November of 2019! According to CoinGecko, BTZC has seen a 7-day high of $0.00512690, having performed over 1200% in the past 30 days. Today’s volume is over $100,000, and seems to have went up 10x from where it has been in recent months. This is completely natural, and the project has not influenced price or volume. We did see a 7-day low of $0.00246215, which seems to be a healthy correction, considering the sudden momentum.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” -Bruce Lee

The VibraVid project has adapted to the…

So… it’s been a while since we last posted an update. It turns out we got locked out of our Medium account because we are a crypto project, and needed to verify and submit some information. Now that we are back, we can post our latest update!

There is so much to say, so we will keep this one short and sweet, and go more in to depth with more articles throughout the week.

Our staking contract has finally been completed and we are set to launch it on March 22nd. Here is the breakdown of how it will work…

It has been a busy week for the team! Most of the past two week’s developments were centered around deploying and testing a revised version of our wrapping and staking contract. That being said, there was not much to discuss last week, hence the absence of a weekly update.

Users will soon be able to visit and use the BeatzCoin wrapping interface, where they can then stake their wBTZC tokens. This week we are finishing up TronLink Wallet integration, and will be having the smart contract audited. Many tests have been performed, and once the audit has been confirmed…

As of 12:56am EST, our developers confirmed to VibraVid COO, Dallas, that the new staking features could be pushed to our official testing environment as early as today!

The final version of the “WrappedBeatzCoin” trc20 wrapping and staking contract has been deployed on Tron Shasta Testnet:

Our telegram VIP members will be among the first to see and test the new features.

It has been an exciting week for crypto, as we’ve seen bitcoin attempt to break all-time highs, ethereum, having broke its yearly high, and many alt coins beginning to heat up.

In most cases, timing is everything, and now couldn’t be a better time for a bullish market, as VibraVid prepares its long-awaited new release version.

BTZC wrapping and staking are on track. Having officially begun development on Tuesday, October 27, we are entering this week only a few days behind on our initial 3 week deadline for development. We did have a few specific queries come up this past…

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